More drones coming from Pakistan into Punjab this year- The New Indian Express

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CHANDIGARH:  The number of drones being sighted in Punjab, coming from Pakistan to deliver narcotics, weapons, explosives and ammunition, has seen a significant rise this year. From January till date, 45 drones have been sighted, of which 10 were shot down, as compared to 67 drones spotted the whole of last year. 

The Border Security Force (BSF) will soon instal anti-drone system on the Indo-Pakistan border, as trials of the same have been successfully completed. According to sources, the alter troopers of the BSF sighted these drones coming from Pakistan.

In 10 instances, they were shot down and drugs, mainly heroin, were recovered. The drone activity increases in summer, after the paddy crop is cut, but the rise has been more this year. As many as 133 drones coming from across the border were sighted by the BSF in 2020 and 2021, out of which 67 drones were sighted in 2021.

“ As they fly high, it is difficult to spot them at times. But whenever any sound is heard or an object is sighted in the sky, the BSF shoots it down. Trials for installing anti-drone system on the Indo-Pak border have been completed now, and its procurement will be done by the concerned authorities. The technology is expensive, and costs around Rs 1 crore to cover 6km. The total length of Punjab’s border with Pakistan is 553 km,’’ a senior official said.

Drones being used by terrorists
Highly placed sources said that the four Khalistani terrorists, who were arrested by the Haryana Police a few days back, had the consignment delivered to them via drones. Also, the Russia-made RPG used in the Mohali attack was supplied in two parts through a drone earlier this year from Pakistan, they added. 

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