Assam Man Beheads Villager Over Rs 500, Reaches Police Station With Severed Head

Tuniram Madri walked with severed head for 25 kms to surrender before the police.


A man in Assam allegedly beheaded his fellow villager following a fight over Rs 500 bet on a football match. After the brutal attack, he walked with the severed head for 25 kms to a police station where he surrendered, police officials said.

The incident took place on Monday in northern Assam’s Sonitpur district after the football match organised on the occasion of Independence Day was over, the official said.

The victim had requested a loan of Rs 500 from the accused earlier in the day but the latter refused, police sources added.

After the match, the accused, Tuniram Madri, who won a goat as prize after the football match, asked Boila Hemram to accompany him to the slaughterhouse. Hemram refused to accompany him. This reportedly made Tuniram Madri furious and he carried out the attack, officials said.

After killing the man, the accused went home carrying the severed head. His elder brother reportedly tried to beat him up but he managed to flee. Later, Tuniram Madri walked 25 km to reach the police station and surrendered with the severed head. He also handed over the machete with which he had killed Hemram, the official added.

“He was taken into custody for interrogation, and all aspects of the case are being investigated,” the officer added.

The victim and the accused belong to the same community.

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