2,040 Venezuelan Dancers Attempt to Set New World Record for Largest Salsa Casino Circle Dance

At least 2,040 dancers gathered at the National Sports Institute in the Venezuelan capital Caracas to attempt a Guinness World Record for the largest salsa casino circle dance, news agencies reported.

The group is part of Venezuela’s Salsa Casino dance schools that intend to break the Guinness World Record for the largest number of couples dancing this type of Latin rhythm. (Image: AP Photo)

The dancers rehearsed for about six months before making their attempt last Sunday. The previous record holder for the Guinness World Record for the largest “rueda de Casino dance,” or Casino dance circle is held by Spain where 1,291 dancers performed in Tenerife in 2019.

Dancers who attended said they were proud to represent their country. (Image: AP Photo)

The dancers from 102 dance academies danced at the Teo Capriles velodrome, while two judges and more than 30 observers evaluated the performance that went on for 12 minutes.

A couple practices their dance moves before a Guinness World Record attempt at the Teo Capriles velodrome of the National Sports Institute of Caracas, Venezuela (Image: AP Photo)

“Casino dance emerged in Cuba in the last century, at the end of the 50s, and it is one of the ways to demonstrate that it is still alive, that it is still relevant and that it doesn’t only belong to Cuba, but to the whole world,” Luis Llamo, the general organiser of the event, was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

More than 100 academies participated to set a new world record previously held by dancers from Spain’s Tenerife. (Image: AP Photo)

“And Venezuela has managed to demonstrate that it is really here where the largest number of dancers of this rhythm, this genre, are,” he further added.

The dancers who participated in the record-breaking attempt ranged from ages 7 to 65. They danced in a casino circle, which is a popular partner-trading formation for the dance, news agency UPI said.

At least 2,040 people participated in the record-breaking attempt. (Image: AP Photo)

“Super excited, exceptional. There are no words to say what we feel. It is joy, excitement, enthusiasm and super proud to represent my country,” said Maria de los Angeles Ramirez, a participant, according to the Associated Press.

These dancers practised for months before convening at the Teo Capriles velodrome of the National Sports Institute of Caracas. (Image: AP Photo)

The results are yet to be announced.

The dancers participating in the record-breaking attempt pose with the Venezuelan flag. (Image: AP Photo)

Another performer,Yurimar Vargas, said preparations were made for several months before making the attempt.

Luis Llamo who is general organizer of the event said the dance form means a lot to the dancers and to Venezuela. (Image: AP Photo)

“I never imagined being in an event of this magnitude. It is quite exciting to be here, sharing (the experience) with colleagues from all over Venezuela. We have been preparing for many months to be here today. And well, happy, excited. It’s a very big emotion, especially for lifting Venezuela high,” Vargas was quoted as saying by the Associated Press.

Llamo said the record has great significance because it supports the campaign for the ‘Son’ , a Cuban musical genre.

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